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Episode 18, Remembering a great man.

Today we will remember John Stott, talk about evangelism, and ask the question, ” When is the resurrection not the resurrection?”

Posted 08/12/2011 09:11 PM

Shownotes for Episode 18

Here are my notes for episode 18, enjoy!

Posted 08/12/2011 07:56 PM

Show notes for episode 17.

Here are my show notes for Episode 17

Posted 06/16/2010 01:48 PM

Episode 17: Start of something big?

Today we talk about the growth of the Anglican church in North America, and how important knowing church history is.

Posted 06/15/2010 04:28 PM

Show notes for #11

here are my show notes for show 11.

Posted 02/22/2009 04:45 PM

Ladies and gentleman, here is your New Anglican Church!

Various Anglican churches in north America, have gathered to form one church, will it work?

Posted 02/22/2009 04:22 PM

Pittsburgh Has a New Anglican Church, Show Notes

Pittsburgh Has a New Anglican Church, Show Notes

Posted 10/11/2008 09:53 PM

Lambeth! Now What?

Lambeth has come and gone, and we are left with the bill. Who will pay for the unanswered questions? Find out. Please click on the link to post comments, or e-mail the show at theanglicangazette@gmail.com

Posted 08/08/2008 08:47 PM