The anglican gazette episode 28.Teddy bears and crazy perverts . Just another day in evangelicalism .

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Podcast show notes . The Anglican Gazette episode 28. December 15 2017

Church leaders criticise President Trump over recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital


West Virginia church pays off families’ toy layaway bills, receives praise from White House

Vermont Episcopal Bishop Thomas Ely announces plan to retire

Cuddly bears bring early Christmas joy to South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

How bad does evangelicalism look when we support people like Roy Moore

The editor in chief of Christianity Today did not have to wait for the votes to be counted to publish his essay on Tuesday bemoaning what the Alabama Senate race had wrought.
Whoever wins, “there is already one loser: Christian faith,” wrote Mark Galli, whose publication, the flagship of American evangelicalism, was founded 61 years ago by the Rev. Billy Graham. “No one will believe a word we say, perhaps for a generation. Christianity’s integrity is severely tarnished.”
The sight of white evangelical voters in Alabama giving their overwhelming support to Roy S. Moore, the Republican candidate, despite accusations of racial and religious bigotry, misogyny and assaults on teenage girls, has deeply troubled many conservative Christians, who fear that association with the likes of Mr. Moore is giving their faith a bad name. The angst has grown so deep, Mr. Galli said, that he knows of “many card-carrying evangelicals” who are ready to disavow the label.
The evangelical brand “is definitely tarnished” by politicization from whatever side, Mr. Galli said on Wednesday. “No question about it.”


Dr. Albert Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological seminary, said to me. “One of the long-term concerns I would have is how evangelicals are thinking through issues of personal character.” Another anxiety was whether the evangelical leadership still had the authority to define morality for the followers of its own movement, or whether it had ceded this power to the Republican Party and Fox News.

By Omar Reyes 12/15/2017 11:19 AM

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