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I know, so many months so little content. Well i will not offer some lame excuse of not having enough time or life getting in the way. I would rather bring you up to speed on what going on in my life, and throw in a little news so we can get back on track. So what has been going on in the Reyes household since we last meet?

New job As some of you might know already I now work for time warner cable as a tele sales operator. Thats a colorful term for pushy sales guy, trying to get you to buy some very expensive programing, of which only 3-4 channels you will actually watch. But it is a great job, with great medical benefits ( more on that later.) and it gave me the chance to really enjoy my HD TV, speaking of which….

New HD system! After many years of looking, I finally pulled the trigger on a new high def system. Plasma TV, surround sound onkyo system, even and Xbox thanks to my Father in law. Beautiful picture, even better sound. The best part? I was able to score a sat radio system to go with my receiver for almost nothing and 2 months of free service. If you don’t have sirriusxm, i would highly recommend it, the content is great and who wants to watch TV all the time? I grew up listening to the radio, and now i can do that , and not have to listen to all those annoying commercials.

thyroid. Had thyroid surgery about a month ago. I had an enlarged thyroid, and when they finally took it out it weighed about a pound!.. I’m on short term disability from work since the surgery strained my vocal cords and left me with not much of a voice. But it also gives my the opportunity to work on my web site. speaking of which…

The Anglican news. If you wondering when i’m doing my next podcast, i will probably give it a go tomorrow. If i sound like Barry white, yeah thats my voice for a while, lets just go with it. so what have caught my eye in the world of Anglicanism, since we last spoke

The Anglican covenant.

I few years ago The top leaders of the Anglican church thought it would be a good idea to come up with a document that would be able to tell everyone in the communion what it means to be Anglican in a global context. Well, after many years of discussions they finally came out with what they called the Anglican covenant. Now i could spend the next 8,000 word telling you all the theological nuances of this document, but really it comes down to this paragraph, and i quote.

(4.1.2) In adopting the Covenant for itself, each Church recognises in the preceding sections a statement of faith, mission and interdependence of life which is consistent with its own life and with the doctrine and practice of the Christian faith as it has received them. It recognises these elements as foundational for the life of the Anglican Communion and therefore for the relationships among the covenanting Churches.

21 Toronto Congress 1963, and the Ten Principles of Partnership. 22 cf. the Schedule to the Dar es Salaam Communiqué of the Primates’ Meeting, February 2007 The Anglican Communion Covenant page 8 (4.1.3) Such mutual commitment does not represent submission to any external ecclesiastical jurisdiction. Nothing in this Covenant of itself shall be deemed to alter any provision of the Constitution and Canons of any Church of the Communion, or to limit its autonomy of governance. The Covenant does not grant to any one Church or any agency of the Communion control or direction over any Church of the Anglican Communion.

Here is the document folks, and by the way you don’t have to follow a word of it. Waste of time? You decide. Here is a link to the actual document and some commentary about it. What do i think? Why spend all this money and time on a document that no own has to pay any attention to? I mean i know we are Anglican, Via media and all that, but really?


A very funny, but true take on this whole mess. http://themcj.com/?p=17103

I’m so sorry!!

As a person of color, let me say that the racial climate in this country, especially in the church is far from perfect. That being said, I don’t need anyone going around apologizing for something that happened over a hundred years ago. Especially if you had nothing to do with it. You want to make thing right? how about making sure that you leadership reflect the diversity that you long for. Here is a link to the Episcopal church apology tour.


A new church rises in the north.

I’ve talked about this church a lot, but like a good restaurant or a movie that you love. Once is never enough. That church is Christ the redeemer in danvers Ma. Forget the fact that its located in Massachusetts, the church is solidly Anglican and solidly conservative. And the preaching is first rate, don’t believe me, check out this sermon on tithing and see if you don’t send a check to them, like i did!


Thats all for now folks, time to eat dinner, and spend time with the family. Untill next time the Lord be with you.

By Omar Reyes 04/04/2011 06:39 PM

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