Show notes for episode 15

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Show notes for SHOW 15.


Etherdust 24 Etherdust

Bye, Bye Anglican Covenant!

The Anglican covenant is as dead as fried chicken.

Floor fight at the Episcopal Convention?

Episcopal church gearing up for fight on the convention floor over homosexuality..

And how gays are positioning themselves to take over the convention..

Anglican Church of North America meeting in Texas

Get your plane tickets ready, the new Anglican province is meeting in Texas!

Catholic Priest Becomes Episcopal Priest

Catholic Priest gets a fiancé and become Episcopal Priest.

Church Spotlight of the Week

I normally do spotlights on Anglican churches that are up and coming in this new Anglican world that is being birthed before our eyes. But when you find an Episcopal Church this orthodox, with good preaching to spare, well, you’ve got to make an exception. Just listen to this Lenten sermon, (and this gentlemen is just a visiting preacher).

Great Lenten sermon from Dr. Ralph Douglas West

Church of the Advent in Birmingham Alabama

Why denominations matter, and why truth holds them together.

I came across this blog, and it made me think. While many of us long for no denominations, I think that we are going too far and creating churches that have no true mechanism to teach the truth.

What holds denominations together

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Shayef Nafsak, by Rania Kurdy

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