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Washington State Anglicans strut their stuff.

the Diocese of Cascadia.

Another brick in the wall.

Nigeria recognizes new Anglican province!

And you wonder if this is what they call gracious restraint?

Vermont Bishop stands in favor of gay marriage.

You heard it right the Northern Michigan Episcopal church has elected a bishop the is also a practicing Buddhist!

An Episcopalian Buddhist?

But wait what’s wrong with being a Buddhist and a Christian anyway?

Five reasons that Buddha and Christ are not compatible.

How far out do you have to be before you get kicked out of the Episcopal church?

How far out do you have to be before you get kicked out of the Episcopal church?

I like it when non liturgical traditions play church, Its like when we were kids and got to play doctor!

 Liturgical Baptist?

I really hate abortions, but after reading this article I was left wondering, could this have been handled better?

Excommunicating a nine year old girl? Really?

Last week I spoke about how big the conservative Anglican church was getting. Here is a good counterpoint to that.

Is Bigger better?

Here is a thought provoking interview by a student from the university of Chicago divinity school with Lamin Sanneh Yale divinity school professor. On the importance of tying theology with parish ministry.

Interview with Lamin Sanneh

North shore Anglicans are having a meeting on march 28th!

A New Anglican church plant on the north shore of Boston.

Are we ready for the real world?

I just read and article by Dr Scott W Sunquist, Professor Of World Mission And Evangelism at Pittsburgh Theological seminary. He wrote a series of article detailing why he thought the Seminaries were failing their student insofar as they are not prepared for real world ministry when the graduate. Having been to a seminary or two in my life I wanted to throw my two cents in.

One seminary professors lament.

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Shayef Nafsak, by Rania Kurdy

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